Changing material choice of your proxy.

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  • I've made a project with a lot of buildings. Converted all those building to proxys.
    Question I have is how I can change the material etc. of one of those proxys so that the main project
    is getting updated automatically with those changes.

    Example : I've got a main project called marketplace.SKP. There is a building that's called townsquare.
    I made a proxy out of that townsquare wich I called townsquare.SKP.

    After I did this I saw that one of the materials of the townsquare isn't correct. So I tried to change it in townsquare.SKP and saved it again.
    My marketplace.SKP didn't get updated with the new version of townsquare.SKP.

    What should I do ?

  • Vendel3D At the moment Enscape does not apply changes automatically after you perform changes on the referenced proxy file. You have the following options to apply these changes:

    • Close the Enscape render window and restart it
    • Click the "Start" button again to reload all data while the Enscape render window stays open
    • Reload the proxy file like Archoverdose described
  • You can right click on the proxy object and select either 'reload component' or 'reload all changed components'. That is if you edited the proxy file in aanother instance of sketchup and saved it in the same folder under the same name of the original proxy file. I hope that's what you meant. Still good to know in any case. Saved me alot of time when I figured it out.