Normal Maps and Roughness maps in SketchUp

  • Hi. Some materials on do not have a bump map (or height map), but only a normal map. When I load this normal map in Enscape, unfortunately it converts it to B/W and treats it as a bump map. It would be fantastic if Enscape could automagically recognize normal maps as such. Until then, can anyone point me to where I can convert this normal map to a height map (bump map)? I've used several free apps for this in the past, but I forgot their names. EDIT: I solved this with CrazyBump.

    On a related note, most materials on offer you "roughness map". But if you load this image in Enscape's "roughness" slot, you discover Enscape actually expects a glossyness map here, not a roughness map, so you need to invert it to make it usable. This seems like a mislabeling issue...

  • Hi Miguel, this is a good point. We should be able to detect normalmap or heightmap automatically. Also, the roughness texture should behave similar to other 3D tools. We will check that, thanks!