Metallic car paint - my first approach

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  • Hi,

    often I need metallic car paints, not for cars, but for train interiors and objects like the waste baskets (like known from DB trains). I thought about it how to get it and I see two ways I can go now:

    * render an image twice based on different materials and combine them in Photoshop or

    * add an offset surface with a semi transparent glass/plastic

    Here a quick test with an old model I found here. My results per offset surface are:

    metal material only

    metal + offset surface -> some parts looks not like the right mix, caused by bias of the calculation

    To avoid the bias error I scaled the model by factor 10 (window material changed too). Now it looks perfect. :)

    The result isn't 100% stable yet, maybe it helps to fine tune the offset surface distance. It makes fun to play with the transparency of the red plastic coat and the roughness of the basic metal object. So, it's quite easy to mix between metal and simple diffuse color.

    I hope this test helps some users as workaround, shows the great potential of metallic effects for Enscape and is a little motivation for the team to add a metallic shader for Enscape. The real time performance is really good, no problems can be seen. A basic metallic shader could be an eye catcher.


  • Hi,

    I'm glad to see that Enscape support an adjustable metallic effect now.

    I did some tests and think, the color usage needs some refinement. The metallic color looks very desaturated and the clear coat effect could get some intensity and roughness control (for example for satin metallic car paint). The Albedo color should be used for metal and diffuse color at the same intensity. The clear coat effect would be to strong for some need.

    Here some screenshots. If try to mix from 0% to 100% metallic, than the color gets desaturated.

    Also I can't setup a default metallic-diffuse mix and switch on the clear coat without a big change.

    So, like a car manufacture can control the intensity of the clear coat effect by added more layers of clear coat or to use a rough clear coat it could be very useful to control intensity and roughness of the clear coat.