Bug: same material ID color used for different materials

  • Micha A quick word from a developer: We have adapted our code to the new Rhino API (ChangeQueue) a few weeks ago, which also improves the material IDs. Unfortunately there are bugs on the Rhino side, which we have reported to McNeel a while ago. This prevents us from releasing at the moment. I'm sorry for the delay, but the schedule is not entirely in our hand.

  • Hello all,

    Has there been any update on this bug? From either Enscape or McNeel? Bug: same material ID color used for different materials

    I am also relying on material IDs to manage a selection of 6500+ bricks of different colours/textures/emissive textures1, and am struggling to get much done with my different workarounds.

    Any news would be appreciated (to pass on to my bosses :D to convince i'm not making it up!)



  • The initial bug was related to emissive materials having the same materialId-color. This has been resolved and is already fixed in the current release.

  • More than one year later the Material ID still doesn't work (Rhino 6 | Enscape 2.5.2).

    Here an example - all bars and columns have the same material but the material id color is different. Please fix it. Please identify the material by it's material name, if an other identification attribute of Rhino doesn't work. The Mat ID is an important basic tool and very missed.

    You understand that it is cumbersome to select the material?

  • Simon Weinberger For example the problem is, that the material system is quite limited and it would help a lot, if the user could render different materials and mix them in Photoshop. Proper masks are needed. Also my clients like to test material variations like different colors. They need masks.

    From an users view a bug is a problem and if a problem still exist after one year, than it's very frustrating. Like one year before I can't deliver to my clients the needed mask. It's very hard to be in a tight deadline and to know, it should work, but it doesn't work. OK, there are reason, but after one year ... .

    For example the V-Ray team got it working, the Octane team too. Please try to get it working. If objects share the same material than I could use emitter materials instead the original materials all over the scene and would get a mask rendering. This must be automatic possible.