Glass in Material ID (Refraction/Reflection Layer)

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  • Hi Enscape team,

    I'm working on a rendering and I'm getting requests to make the inside of the building on an exterior shot be less apparent (essentially all of the glass panes of the building).

    I thought this would be easily achieveable using the Material ID layer and using photoshop, but it turns out that that is the only material type that does not get a color ID, instead it shows the material IDs apparent through the glass.

    Is there an easy way I would be able to grab the material ID for the glass without changing the material of the glass to something else:?:


  • If we would assign the glass a material ID, then

    1. You could not have a materialID of the geometry behind OR
    2. You would have a mess of overlayed colors

    Therefore, glass is not included in the material ID image. I recommend exporting it a second time with the glass as solid, then you can easily pick it.

  • I can't decide getting an ID for glass is a good or bad thing in post-production. Most of the time I am doing what Thomas Willberger recommended. But the real challange appears when you have a glass ballustrade on a corner balcony and the sky can be seen through the glass and you want to change the sky in the post production... That is the exact moment I need an ID for glass. But this problem can be solved via re-rendering with solid glasses of course.

    But we definitely need reflection and refraction render elements for getting better result via post-production. Hope it is in the team's agenda.