Canonbury House

  • Hi there, this is my first time in the showcase.

    Here is a preview of one of my projects that just got planning and listed consent!

    It is a new basement for a Grade II listed Georgian House in London.

    White card images also attached for comparison.

    I'm a rookie, so all feedback welcome!

  • Looks nice, most I like the mood of the first image. At the white image it looks like the wall bump is inverted - or is it right that the mortar is higher than the brick? (It's difficult to build but some times I have seen this too.)

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Micha - I played around with the bump, often late Georgian/early Victorian pointing is flush or proud as it is a bit rough.
    I did add a subtle recess to the latest version on my website.

    Ted - I didn't want to spend an age in post - a high quality tree rpc would be SO amazing, please point me towards this!

    Thomas - you are right - my ideal final pass would be shutters, curtains and dirt, leaves etc for the pavement.