Oculus go?

  • Ted,

    Thanks very much for the report. Sorry to hear it didn't work out as you hoped. Streaming video as a proxy for VR will be an uphill technological battle, but seems like a promising solution eventually for some applications.

    I am curious, in your tests were you able to tell if ALVR was streaming the entire 360, or just the portion needed for the direction you were looking?



  • What we need is the recently released 5k video codec that's optimized for taking full advantage of the resolution of the headset (5120x5120 px @ 60fps)


    "The playback engine simultaneously decodes four video streams – the background and the three strips centered in your current view. As you look around, the three strips switch sources at each gop transition point."

    Most 360 videos look terribly pixelated, but these are nice and crisp.

  • It was the entire 360 interactive walkthrough. Full control of the oculus cursor and navigation tools.

  • ashleykirk , thanks a lot, +1 for the topic. ;)

  • I was able to get this to work following carcar's method. Download and install Steam and SteamVR, and download ALVR per this LINK.

    I used THIS youtube video for a walkthrough.

    I also added Enscape and Revit to Steam's game library by going to "Games" at the top, then "Add a non-Steam game to my library, and selecting the Enscape .exe. Make sure to activate VR mode in Enscape. Took me a while to realize this is what i was doing wrong.

  • Not bad. Definitely not as smooth as the Rift, but it wouldn't be noticeable to someone who only uses it occasionally. The Go controller is a little touchy, and shows up as a Vive controller for some reason. Seems to be a common issue with SteamVR.

    I was monitoring bandwidth, and it stayed around 40mb/s while i was moving around. A little high, but expected.

    I'll add in more textures & Revit models and see how it affects performance. I was only rendering 2 models for this one, where for a full rendering we'll have 5-6.

  • Fernando Lino The built in hardware, limited by the size of the headset, is still a pretty weak Snapdragon 835 from early 2017 with an Adreno 540 GPU. It isn't used for smartphones anymore...so performance and quality will be an issue.

    But it seems that they discussed a WLAN connection to your workstation during the development process, so let's see what they'll bring up.

  • xxl , although this page doesn't contain information about mixed/portable vr headsets with glasses, it may help if you want to decide between the Oculus Rift of HTC Vive:

    "Oculus Rift

    The Oculus Rift can sometimes be hit and miss and certainly has one of the smaller spaces for glasses.

    The frame width of your glasses can be no wider than 142mm with a height of 50mm or less. Due to this make sure that the glasses do not touch the lens glass as this could cause scratching.

    We suggest placing the headset on to your head, front to back, making sure to loosen any straps beforehand.

    HTC Vive

    From our tests and user reports the HTC vive is generally more accepting when it comes to using glasses.

    Your frame must be no bigger than 152 mm wide and 60 mm tall.

    With the HTC vive there are some other things you can do, such as using the smaller face pad which uses up less space and adjusting the distance of the lens from the glasses. You can also pull out the wheels on the side of the headset to turn, making for more space.


    Hope this helps. ;)

  • compre el oculus Rift, pero mi notebook no tiene entrada HDMi por lo que estoy pensando comprar el Oculus GO, ya que no he podido encontrar un adaptador para mi problema. Tienen alguna solución ? Porfavor !:(

  • compre el oculus Rift, pero mi notebook no tiene entrada HDMi por lo que estoy pensando comprar el Oculus GO, ya que no he podido encontrar un adaptador para mi problema. Tienen alguna solución ? Porfavor !:(

    Hey SUSAN , welcome to our forum! :) Please be so very kind as to write in English so that everyone here can read what you're saying and help you accordingly! Thank you for your understanding.

    Furthermore, do you require assistance with connecting the Oculus Rift to your laptop, or making use of Enscape with the Oculus GO? I'm afraid, the Oculus GO is generally not supported by Enscape, but if you could let me know which laptop you own exactly, I can look for a solution to help you connect the Rift instead. :)

  • If your computer doesn't have HDMI interface means in most of the cases your GPU video is not a good one for Oculus Rift or any VR glasses

    Si tu computadora no tiene entrada HDMI significa en la mayoria de los casos que tu tarjeta de video no es la ideal pata Oculus Rift o cualquier lente para VR

  • Fernando Lino All new Quadros aren't equipped with a HDMI port anymore. Nvidia switched to DisplayPort only.

    VR Headsets with HDMI connector can be connected with an HDMI to Displayport adapter.