Sun position

  • Hello,

    Is there any way to change the position of the sun in Enscape? For example having the sun shine from above? At the moment it kind of always look like it's either early morning or late afternoon. Might be a stupid question as I'm sure this ought to be a basic function?

    Thanks for anyone's help!

  • It's all dependend on the sketchup sun the default setting is sometime in december I think... just change it to summer, and geolocate the project somewhere near the equator, and you should be good

    Oh, yes, that was it! Thanks for the help!

    Change the sun position in Enscape. You can adjust the time of day, change the solar angle and the solar rotation

    Yes, I already knew about that, but the sun just never wanted to go from above, but thanks for the help also!

    Just another question, as I'm experimenting with different looks, is there any way to completely disable the shadows? I know it sounds like a stupid request/ question, as shadows immediately ground things and make things look more realistic/ believable, but I'd just like to know if such an option exists?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Hume We don't have a separate option like "Disabling Shadows". But if you select the option "White Background", Clear horizon and reduce the Sun intensity to 0% in the Atmosphere tab of the Enscape settings, shadows should be gone.

    If you do so the colors are not that intense, so you have to tweek the image a little bit via the Image tab of the Enscape settings.

  • You are surely right about this.

    Although, we don't ALWAYS manage huge model luckily ahahah

    By the way, i think we could make this feature selective. I mean that - in case of very complex models - we could work with SU shadows turned off and click a check in the Enscape window "enable sun" and then adjust it at will. But usually link the Sketchup sun to escape's sun. That is my humile opinion.

  • pibuz are you sure you want that? When editing large models, SketchUp has an enormous lag if shadows are enabled. So I don't ever want to enable them. But I want to have them in Enscape, because it does not have that much of an performance impact.

    I'm glad you said that - an annoyance for me is that when you "capture" a view point from Enscape into SU the sun position comes in with it (good thing), as does the setting to make shadows visible; the first thing I do in SU after capturing a position is to turn it off again. And turn off the "on ground" shadow tic box.

    (OK, it's the second thing; the first is re-naming).

    I like how you can move the time with dragging, but it would be nice to have a simple key-press or toggle that would advance time by 12 hours - simply turning AM into PM so that it turns a day scene into a night scene quickly.

    BTW if you muck about with SU's time and type in eg. 22:00hrs it can flip Enscape's understanding of day and night; having the little moon and time showing 10PM when the sun is where it should be at 10AM.