mystery Crop circles on the ground


    first, thinks so much for create such good rendering software, making rendering so easy.

    I get a somthing mystery mark on my screen. looks like camera's position mark.

    when i adjust reflections roughness , it will change the size. some value will make it disapear. when the roughness set to 90. it will show up.

    is there any setting can hidden this .

  • Hi aaron2016 & welcome to our forums!

    What you describe is a known issue for certain older Nvidia graphic drivers. Some older Quadro cards unfortunately only support these drivers at the moment. We're currently evaluating what we can do about that.

    By the way: The best way to report compatibility issues like these is to send Feedback using the Feedback button on the Enscape ribbon. This way we can see all the relevant information at once and our Support-Team can track your issue.