My House (Novice & a First Time User of Sketchup Pro & Enscape)

  • I have learnt Sketchup on my own and after trying a number of rendering applications, have landed on Enscape. I have learnt without any guidance so bare with me on my mistakes please :). Your guidance would help me. It's an apartment on 15th floor and I have plotted only the apartment and nothing else.

    The house has been designed by my friend and I have only executed based on her design, color combinations, lighting choices, etc.

    Look at a few pictures;

    House from the front;

    The living & dining area;

    The master bed


    The common washbasin;

    The Kitchen;

    The master bath;

    The kids bedroom;


    Let me have your feedback and I will work on it.

  • Well done! Looks great, thanks for sharing.

    I think one thing you can improve is the albedo color of your materials. You seem to have unrealistic hard contrasts. Keep in mind that usually, albedo values larger than 80% and less than 15% total brightness are very rare. You find various tables in the internet. Then, your image will look more natural.