Materials imported from colour by layer function

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  • Dear Enscape,

    Is there anyway to have the enscape model show the material properties as per layer when the "colour by layer" function is checked? Please see attachment.

    I apply materials in sketchup via the layer tabs (as opposed to with the paint bucket) to make my workflow more efficient and be able to change the material of large groups of objects quickly. Similar to how the materials are applied in Rhino.

    The enscape models still shows the textures in the model as per what has been selected with the paint bucket tool even when the colour by layer box is checked.



  • Enscape does not use this global "color by layer" checkbox explicitly right now. What's your opinion about other user's usage of this checkbox. Is it used to allow faster painting of the model, or is it toggled on/off during modeling to help build the model? In the latter case I don't think we should support this checkbox.

  • The ability to have Enscape update when the checkbox 'Color By Layer' in the styles menu in SketchUp would be sooo cool. This feature would be used by so many people. I can think of dozens right here in my office that would love this when doing diagramming. Why not include a checkbox inside the setting of Enscape to allow color by layer?

  • NickC, jj44, xxl - this feature request has already been added to our development agenda, so I've up-voted this on all of your behalf.

    Obviously, Simon has already commented on why it's not implemented and offered/requested user case examples to help to consider it's implementation, but now it's officially in for review.

    Thanks for the input everyone.

  • Right now, we design our kitchens in 2020 design. To get them into sketchup, we need to export as a .dxf or .dwg. This comes into Sketchup with no colors or textures...BUT...the designs come into sketchup in convenient layers. I can import the drawings into a sketchup file that already has the correct "color by layer" textures assigned, so it really speeds up our presentation preparation. It would be very very very helpful if Enscape could see these colors and textures in the Sketchup layers.