IES file always externally referenced -or- can it be embedded / saved within SketchUp file

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  • Not sure if this has been clarified / addressed. Didn't see clarification on this in Enscape IES usage documentation and in forums.

    Are IES files used in a scene always externally referenced when applied?

    Or can it be (should be) embedded into a SketchUp file ... so that when the file is shared or moved to a different network path / computer, the assigned IES data files automatically work.

    Finding that when the SketchUp scene (with IES data files applied) is shared / moved / worked from another location ... we have to reassign the IES data file for the lighting to reappear / cast again.


  • We are having the same issue too. Working in one studio is fine but when sharing with multiple studios around the globe, it becomes time consuming. Maybe a script or some kind of drop don tool can be created to identify the IES files, location and auto load?

  • Thanks Simon for clarifying that IES files were embedded in the past. It would be beneficial if this was the case again.

    To echo Sling3r's comment ... we also share SKP files between different groups and offices who access/rely on different network paths.

    Just knowing the IES file name is not helpful enough ... as users frequently won't know where to obtain the file itself (local or network path-wise).

    If and when they do find the IES file, they still then have to individually/manually reapply them (match them up).

    The same goes for custom bitmaps (environment map) applied via Enscape's material editor.

    So if embedding IES files and custom bitmaps into the SketchUp is an option again ... that would be of great help.

    If embedding is prohibitive due to possibly increasing the SketchUp file size too much (resulting in instability) ... then perhaps:

    - External referencing is the way to go

    - External referencing could be bolstered with functionality to list down and account for all IES / custom Enscape bitmaps (+environment map) within a file

    - This external reference list feature could then also be used to re-link missing IES / bitmap assets to their appropriate local/network path en masse