Sending Standalone File to Client

  • Hi all,

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this query. I am trying to send a collection of sample standalone files to a potential client and they can't seem to download them. I have used dropbox and google drive and in both instances the client's antivirus software is flagging the .exe file as a potential virus and refusing to download. What is the correct way to send the files to someone? Should I zip them first?

  • PBDesign The answer depends on the antivirus software.

    You could try to

    1. change the ending from *.exe to *.e_e
    2. Zip the renamed file and upload it

    Some antivirus solutions are able to open zip files as well and some can add/change extension themselves.

    If above mentioned method won't work out they would have to change their security policies or you would have send the files via usb-stick....

  • One trick we found to get around some filters that scan inside archives is to password protect the zip file. Depending on the severity of the filter's configuration, they will either let the archive through because they cannot scan inside it, or they will still reject it for the same reason.

  • Is there any way to create an executable file that work for our clients that use Apple products? Our workaround has been to create panoramas but they'd love the ability to walk around in the model. Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks.

  • Our Enscape executables require a windows operating system, so the standalone files would have to be run inside Bootcamp for example.

    We're going to release a new functionality soon which will allow you to export WebGL standalone files which can be viewed in a browser afterwards. This will allow you to also view these standalone files on a Apple product which supports WebGL, so on pretty much every modern device they produce. ;)

  • Do we have rough timeline on the WebGL? The people who sign my checks still run Mac's. I agree that its their own fault however....

    Our WebGL standalone export functionality will be available with our next release, around October. ;)