"Manage Views" list

  • I would like access to turn on/off favorite views from the list of saved views without necessarily having to click 'play' on the Enscape toolbar.

    If the button to compile from favorites is clicked, then start Enscape - preferably in a 'stand alone' mode (similar to the EXE) that would create them while you could close the native application and/or work on another model.

  • Yes - although I just found out that the list might already be accessible; it just pops up from the button and goes off my screen (so I can only see the search/filter dialogue). Perhaps a glitch with the latest preview?

  • There is also now a discrepancy between the current view and the rendered output - I think that it's because the resolution of the render is greater than the screen resolution, but it's kinna useless if I'm trying to compose a scene to render. (See attached)

    {Edit} And as has been mentioned elsewhere, it forgets the last 'save to' directory; it would be nice to be able to set a 'default' from the settings... nicer if this was saved per job.

    ... And have the FOV/DOF saved per scene for batch renders.

    {Edit II} I think that the size of the rendered output is actually linked to the FOV for a scene - the first one included more of the external image than it should with a FOV of 70º. I have just rendered internals with a FOV of 100º and it brings in the edges.