Glass layers Issue

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  • Hello,
    I have some issue using Enscape.

    I may use translucency the wrong way, but maybe not.
    Here's the problem, I have a tinted glass wall outside a building, it's a lightly colored glass, and when I'm inside the building and I'm looking through another glass, the tint doesn't appear anymore.

    I had the same problem with textured glasses seen through other glasswall in another project.
    Maybe you could help me, I'm not really specialized in refraction etc.

    Here is the picture, on the left is how it is supposed to look like, outside the building in this case, and on the right through the windows of the building.

    Best Regards


  • Hi mangrove

    This is unfortunately a limitation of real-time rendering.

    Only the attributes of the first glass layer will be shown.

    In addition only 4 glass layers will be shown in total, any transparent surface after the 4th layer won't be visible (except for water, which precedes otherwise transparent layers in front)