Animated Section Slice in SketchUp

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  • I've switched companies recently and am rendering with Enscape in both Revit and SketchUp now. :thumbsup:

    In SketchUp, I am able to animate a section slice, which is effective in showing a demolition phase by making the items to be removed disappear, and new items appear. This is done by creating scenes in SketchUp and changing the active slice between scenes. SketchUp then interpolates the movement of the slice as needed.

    When I activate Enscape, the section slices are not visible, nor does anything happen if I change scenes from the viewer.

    Has anyone had success in doing this?

    I thought I would be able to use tags in SketchUp similar to using Hide in View in Revit, but those are persistent between scenes, so if you turn off the visibility of a tag it turns off in all scenes. Even creating a keyframe, then selecting the item in SketchUp and hiding affects all other keyframes.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • Animated sections from SKP do not work in Enscape. What you can do though is rendering out different sectioning states with the same path, then stitch them together in post. It's not the exact same thing but this is what comes closest to what you're obviously trying to do.