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  • hi there,

    the "management" of the uploads is still super basic... when will there be some handy features like renaming, grouping etc...??

    especially renaming the web standalones would make much sense since often one does not only have one scene inside one file?!

    best, franz:/

    win 10 | 3080ti | intel 12900k | 64 gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd 980 pro | valve index | dual asus proart 4k monitor

    drawing stuff with vectorworks, modelling stuff with sketchup, rendering inside blender/cinema4d with corona render

    & ofc using enscape and lately d5 and also a little ue5 :)

    best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

    • Official Post

    There are improvements in that regard coming up soon - stay tuned. I will also forward your wishes as well so that our developers are aware that there is demand for these specific implementations. :)