Using a Skybox - vertical / height offset adjustment

  • Is it possible to add a vertical adjustment for skybox's. According to SketchUp my ground or 0,0,0 location is correct at least i can not reset it so im assuming so. However, when viewing in Enscape the ground location is different which break the illusions of using an HDRI. I would prefer to not move my model or guest what Enscape ground location is as the coordinates are in sync with other project files to copy and place. So what is happening here and can we get an adjustment for a vertical placement of the enscape ground plane?


  • jtubb , it's technically not that straightforward, allowing users to simply adjust the ground height of HDRI files. An HDRI file is still a static image so to speak, so to move anything around, like the ground in that case, would mean that some parts of the skybox would simply distort. It's a still a feature request on our agenda, but not currently possible.