License order - clicking the wrong button.

  • Hi, I clicked the wrong button! ;(

    I was supposed to order an extra license for my company and got baited with that big "new key" button on top. I tried canceling my mistake right away but subscription will end in one year and we got the bill for it. I have added the correct place the one extra license that we needed but I hope that you could fix my mistake and remove the cost of the wrong order from the bill we got and the profile. I have also contacted support but it mentioned the long list of cases and extended waiting time, words that make me panic right now 8|

    Case number :




  • Elvir

    Changed the title of the thread from “License order - cliking the wrong button.” to “License order - clicking the wrong button.”.
  • You don't have to worry. Just contact (or wait until we reply to your existing e-mail you sent us) and we'll issue the refund in 1-3 days and correct the mistake. Our cases are now on a normal level again, so it shouldn't take long. :)