VR turning and motion sickness

  • Hello!

    I've been busy with testing(trail) Enscape to incorporate it in our Revit and VR workflow at our architectural firm. The responsiveness (even in VR) is amazing and enscape will likely enter our workflow soon.

    However i've noticed (for myself and others) that when in VR mode, the way of rotating is creating motion sickness, quite heavily. I'm used to VR and still experiencing this so other people who are new to VR (our clients) will experience this even more.

    The rotation of the enscape viewer in VR is now a fluent movement where you actually see the world(model) rotating while in the real world you are standing still, which is causing the sickness. In Unreal (this is our current workflow for VR (Unreal Studio and Datasmith with 3ds max) they use the teleportation method with the rotation on landing. This help with countering the motion sickness but we found that for our clients this way of moving is way too complicated.

    The best method for rotation that i've found (IrisVR/Prospect) is an instant rotation on a button click (instead of a fluent movement). The world will rotate a certain amount of degrees and wont/hardly cause motion sickness because you dont actually see the world rotating, its a quick rotation jump.

    Could this be incorporated in a patch? Maybe a button that switches from fluent movement to a fixed amount in the settings?


    Joost van Rooijen

    Studio Komma (NL)

  • Thank you for your Feedback, Joost.

    This topic, incremental rotation, is already on our agenda and has been upvoted thanks to your comment.

    Don't hesitate to share any further feedback with us!

  • Joost, your comment intrigues me, as we have been using Enscape to demo VR to many non-computer-savvy colleagues here at the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, and almost everyone naturally uses teleportation + physically rotating themselves, rather than attempting to rotate the VR world around them (which indeed works horribly in Enscape).

    Are you using seated VR rather than room-scale VR? We also found that sitting down in VR can contribute to motion sickness when moving, presumably because we do not naturally perceive the world from that height when moving around.

  • If you do decide to add incremental rotation funtionality (whether it's 45 degrees, 90 degrees or something else) I'd request that you still retain the current rotation option as well. It's useful when you're flying around the model and don't want to break immersion, which teleportation and this feature would do.

    I feel like sickness is something that quickly fades the more you use VR. Our bodies are very good at adapting to things - when I first used the Rift, certain applications like Google Earth would make me queezy, but nowadays nothing does. I've developed "VR legs".

  • Hi inflancka19 , currently there's no real incremental rotation available, but something that comes very close: we allow you to "grab" the environment and rotate it around you, as opposed to rotating yourself. From our experience, and many of our users', this is very comfortable and doesn't lead to nausea in most cases.

    Have you tried it? Did you have a negative experience?

    Feel free to read more about it here: https://enscape3d.com/communit…-virtual-reality-headset/