White Model not only "cleaned" up at render time. AO is entirely gone

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  • Trying to understand why when I'm doing my animated camera or rendering a still (using compressed and fully uncompressed.

    I see while working the result on the right side but when rendering I get the result on the left side.

    Problem is we need the right side as this is what we expect (so is the client as we do live session with them and they see the right side and are confused when sharing the right side.)

    This is no light inside if that matters, but again interestingly enough why would it work in working mode/preview mode and not in render mode.

    Reminders it works in

    working mode

    Preview mode

    Doesn't work in

    High, Ultra mode (It actually looks like we're in draft mode)

    and medium looks colorized (see attached)

  • Hello Mlab

    I am assuming this is an indoor scene with no light at all? What happens if you turn off auto exposure? If the scene is effectively black, then the auto exposure works REALLY HARD to compensate for the total lack of light. The real time rendering in this case is "wrong" and you just luck out that is actually looks better. I strongly advise you to place some lights in the scene, this should solve most of your issues. If it looks ok with auto exposure off and the slider setting somewhere in the middle you have a reasonably well lit scene.