Light seepage issue

  • Hi

    Hoping someone here can assisst.

    When the sun is directly above the building there is light seepage between solid elements. Please see example below. There should not be a streak of light beneath the window sill, just a shadow. In the model there is no gap between the sill and wall. Is there a solution to address this issue ?

    Thank you


  • Danyal, Enscape is doing its best to simulate shadows reliably and accurately, but it's still a real-time rendering engine, meaning we have to pull a lot of tricks to evoke the illusion of a real photorealistic image.

    We're doing our best to continuously improve the way we calculate light and shadows. The behavior you described should, again, be improved in one of the upcoming preview releases.

    Please let me know in case there's any additional questions to that.

  • Kaj, since I am also a user of Unreal, I think the lighting/ shadow challenge is always a challenge with real time rending. In Unreal Engine, the shadows and lighting can become out of sorts as one changes and updates the scene. You have to recalculate at some point to bring everything back into the correct projection. My point is that Enscape is doing pretty well in this department without the user having to really do much which is pretty impressive. What I think Enscape is going to run into is the same situation that Sketchup and the one renderer, Podium, ran into and that is trying to develop into a program that can be everything for everybody. In order to get many of the possibilities and effects of program like Unreal would mean that Enscape would need to become more complicated. The interesting challenge from the perspective of an outsider is seeing how far Enscape can keep things simple and straight forward in its flexibility of adjustments.