Visual Settings Presets

  • I have made a model and created sceens, saved some Visual Settings Presets and linked them 3 days ago.. It was working.. I clicked on my sceen in sK, clicked the view from Manage Views to get linked settings and rendered images. today I open this file and I can see in the Manage Views window that they are still linked to correct presets but as I pick a view only camera position changes.. presets don't..

    Shadows change as well.. It seems to be only one thing that seems to work as I would expect. I can change them in ENS Preview window independently from sKetchup.. and If I Create Scene by ENS it would go to sK sceen but would not be saved in ENS sceen and always read from sK..

    By the way.. Presets are grate but there is actually no way to check wheach one are loaded at present.. (except for comparing every value) there could be some indicator.. maybe in Visual Settings window on top right or just next to "Presets" button.. it could dissapear when I change any setting by a bit even.. Sort like view in sKetchup.. It shows when You are in "Top", "Left" etc.. but dissapears when You change the view even a bit..


    I remember now that in between I updated to 2.8.2 maybe this is the problem..

  • And yet another request.. Maybe option to arrange views in Manage Views window in the same order as they are in sK Sceens Dialog.. I find it confusing having two the same lists arranged differently when I have to use both..

  • I had yet another issue with Visual Settings Presets and Manage Views windows.. I tried to recapture all my wiews from from Enscape preview so on Batch render it would much correctly but as I used different fields of views in different sceens and those get saved with the presets which are not loaded when I pick a view in Manage Views window I soon had views in Ens preview window which I didn't create (I did but with differen FOV, so they more zommed in or out).

    I think Presets should be automaticly loaded when choosing view through athe MAnage Views window to make it all work together. maybe only living current one in case of views which are not linked to specific presets..

  • Thank you for your feedback Tomasz Drgas , at the moment presets will not be loaded when selecting views. Only when you batch render, as you've discovered yourself of course - still, the ability to have settings loaded when selecting views is a demanded request on our agenda to which I've just added your upvote. :)

    I've also forwarded your request to arrange views of course too. Thanks a lot again!