Ultra wide monitor with Enscape and Sketchup

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  • I'm planning to buy a new monitor since I discovered Enscape. My current setup is a 27inch Samsung Syncmaster with a 20inch Samsung Syncmaster on the side for the Enscape view.
    Anybody got some experience with an Ultrawide 34inch 21:9 monitor ? I'm planning to buy the LG 34UC88 with Freesync or the LG34UC89G-B (got Nvidia). But I'd love to hear from your experiences !!


    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/wGFOHua.jpg]

  • I'm running a Predator Z35 GSYNC ultra wide at 200 fps without any problems as a single monitor setup.

    I initially was using two of them but had some issues with slow performing instances of Revit 2018 and Sketchup. Which resulted in lots of crashing and bugsplats, and many phone calls with nvidia, auto desk and trimble. A system engineer with nvidia finally suggested single monitor.

    It actually enhances my workflow, and is really immersive. The only thing would be resolution, and gpu power. Currently running an i7700k at 5 ghz (OC), 64 gb ram and a gtx 1080 ti with 12gb onboard ram and an 960 Pro SSD (which i find is crucial for smooth performance).

    Overloaded build but I work with multiple programs open including substance designer and chrome - just nice to have that 64 gb overhead to handle open apps. Hope that helps you. You can check out my renders in the showcase topic - all taken on the z34. Excuse any errors in grammar, on my mobile.

    Best, Hans