Enscape should use another engineer instead of webgl ?

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  • Hi,

    The exporting web standalone is very great but it can not be run on phone or tablet.

    I wonder why enscape don't use another engine to make web stanalone. For example we know three.js or babylon.js

    is very stronger than webgl of unity engine which enscape is using.


  • Hello hienngocloveyou

    three.js and babylon.js both build on top of WebGL. Our rendering engine is quite advanced and surpasses three.js and babylon.js in many aspects. I understand your frustrations with the quality of the web standalone, but we are making a conscious decision of what features can run in the web standalone, to be able to still render an entire building complex. We are working on making the web standalone better all the time, but certain features are just not available though a browser. As technology advances we will certainly take every advantage we can get.