Question related to export depth channel

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  • Hi, when rendering an image, enscape has an option to export depth channel. By default the depth range was set to 20m.

    I want to know the equation for the program to convert object distance to grayscale RGB values.

    It may help in a small project if I know how it was calculated.



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    Welcome to our Forum dzft3w , and thanks a lot for your request.

    I'm afraid, at least at the moment it's not possible to know the exact values since they are identified internally, but in case you're still curious, this site goes a more into detail when it comes to the equation.

    If you want me to file any inquiry of yours as a feature request for our developers to see, please let me know.

  • It is a linear mapping to the sRGB color range from 0 to max distance. The key problem here is that max distances is either the set value or the furthest distance in frame.