Ongoing Enscape Issues

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  • Many months into using Enscape now, and still having to use 2.6.0. I recently attempted 2.8.2, but problems have persisted:

    I've got a Dell Precision Workstation with plenty of horsepower.
    Running a Quadro RTX8000. NVIDIA Driver 456.71

    Screenshots taken from 2.8.2

    Opening up a scene will still often find mismatched bitmaps. This is a common problem across every version of Enscape I've tried, and is a serious pain. I assure you that the artwork on the wall should not be a Starbucks label...!

    White splotches appear whenever I move around a scene. This has never occurred in any other version of Enscape for me... Since I give a lot of Live virtual tours via Teams, it's a problem.

    Self illuminating materials with bitmaps have flickering problem.

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    Hey landrvr1 , regarding these problems, please first off upgrade to our latest release just afterward let me know which of these problems still persist and we'll dig deeper.