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    My apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but I cannot seem to find it. In the knowledge base, it walks you through the Video Textures process and shows an animation next to it of a screen which presumably has had a video texture applied. I have followed the instructions of managing my Enscape Materials and replacing certain texture images with .mp4 files. These files however do not animate when I try to create a rendering - indeed, they do not show up at all. I can still see my base material images in the SketchUp file before entering Enscape. Any ideas what I can do to make my video textures show up/play?

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    PS. Context: I am an exhibition developer trying to create a black box featuring three vidoe projections and a dual, back-to-back monitor; so this is a 5-channel video that I'm trying to set up in an Enscape rendering.

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    I'm sorry to hear about that - usually importing a video like that should be enough. When you say in renderings they do not show up, I reckon you refer to videos in general? In any case, you can also gladly send me the video file itself which you want to use as an animated texture.

  • Hi, maybe you can help with this.

    I have been working on my machine and added some video textures and made some materials emissive all through the 'Enscape Materials' editor. They all work great! However, I just went to a different machine in our office and opened up the same model and all the materials I edited in the 'Enscape Materials' editor no longer show up. This leads me to believe all the editing I did on my machine is being saved locally. Is there anyway to save these materials to the project file just like you can do with presets? This way no matter what machine I open the project on, the materials will show properly?

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  • Problem solved. The problem was on my end - the video texture mp4 file was saved locally on my machine and not on our server.