Enscape and general VR workflow queries

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  • Hi all,

    There wasn't a general area to post this question, if there's somewhere better please move it.

    I'm researching VR solutions for the landscape architects I work for, I downloaded the Enscape trial and the speed and quality impressed me, I just have a some queries on the workflow:

    1. As I see it (correct me if I'm wrong) there are 2 different approaches to VR for arch-vis, one is a walk-through and the other is VR panoramas - am I correct in thinking that any kind of walkthrough, be it with Enscape or other software would require a PC, sensors etc and either a Vive or Rift?...

    2. What is the minimum equipment you can get away with for doing a walk-through, suppose you need to bring it to a clients office to set-up?

    2. Would the VR panorama approach only need the VR goggles, something like the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear - therefore being the portable option? - Is it not possible to use the Oculus Go or Samsung Gear for walk-throughs?

    3. Is the VR experience much the same with an Oculus 'Go' as it would be with the 'Samsung Gear'?

    4. What options do you have in terms of navigating a VR panorama or walk-through, presumably keyboard/control pad? - I know the Oculus rift has the touch controllers which you can use to navigate, I don't see those controllers with something like the 'Go'

    5. Are future Enscape releases likely to enable Rhino users to import Vray materials?

    6. Does Enscape require a copy of Rhino/Sketchup/revit to be running on the machine that you wish to use for a walkthrough or can you do export out something like an .exe file?

    Thanks all,


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    Hi Martin,

    great to hear you've been impressed by our plugin!

    Let me answer your questions.

    1. You are correct. In general, the real-time walkthrough is our solution for computer aided virtual reality (powerful graphics cards = good graphics in real-time), while panorama exports provide the same image quality, but are static, thus requiring a lot less computational power.

    2. To use Enscape for a VR walkthrough ( = real-time VR ) you will need a machine with a powerful graphics card. We recommend at least an NVIDIA GTX 1070 for that. So, a laptop that meets these requirements and a head mounted display, such as Windows Mixed Reality Headsets, an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, are the minimum. For the latter two you'll also need at least a tracker that comes shipped with it. You might also take matching controllers with you for best experience.

    2. The VR panorama approach is meant for Google Cardboard display - absolutely being a portable option. Indeed, it is not possible to use the Samsung Gear VR for walkthroughs, as it doesn't provide enough graphics processing power. The Oculus Go is a tad different - we hadn't had the chance to test it, yet, but we'll see what we can do with it. Perhaps a mix between panorama export and real-time VR - we'll assess this during the second half of the Year.

    3. Can't promise that, but I think it's very likely.

    4. VR Panoramas can't be navigated at all. For VR Walkthroughs there's a whole bunch of options. Apart from the regular ways to navigate Enscape (Mouse & Keyboard, XBox Controller, 3D Connexion SpaceMouse) you can use the VR controllers themselves very conveniently. Have a look at this article for further info.

    5. I can't tell you at this point. We hear that they work nicely in some cases, but we didn't develop with Vray materials in mind. As always, I'll file this question as feature request, so our developers are aware of the demand.

  • Hi Kaj,

    Thank you for the quick response and all the information.

    Just regarding 'VR Panoramas can't be navigated at all.', presumably you can navigate in terms of 360 degrees around the point you're standing in?... can you create scenes with multiple points, how would you move between points?

    Oh and I edited my initial post, it now has a question 6 if you could please answer -

    '6. Does Enscape require a copy of Rhino/Sketchup/revit to be running on the machine that you wish to use for a walkthrough or can you do export out something like an .exe file?'

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    Hi Martin,

    I'm sorry, you're right. You can navigate a Panorama in terms of rotating the camera, but not changing the location. In the cloud based service we provide, there's no way to navigate in between panoramas other than opening different links - but you can of course export the panorama as image file and use it in a different service that allows you to do so, for example krpano

    For further information on Panoramas, have a look at this article.

    6. Brief answer: Indeed, you can export an .exe file containing the full Enscape experience, allowing you to change Daytime, VR on/off, take your 3D Views with you to navigate through and so on. No license and no software is necessary to run that file on any machine, it just needs to meet the general Enscape System Requirements.

    We have two examples of such standalone files at the bottom of our Gallery. Feel free to have a look!

    Mind, however, that these are a little bit outdated - we released the ability to change settings in these standalone files just recently.