Custom asset import: An error occurred while trying to import

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  • Hello,

    First of all, I appriciate the new custom asset library a LOT! I've been using Pieter 's custom asset creator to this point, and am now looking into moving the library to the official asset library.

    We do our 3D assets with Blender. Importing to GLTF has had it's issues; sometimes, duplicated or mirrored parts of the models show as pitch black. Sometimes it's pretty random and tricky how we fix these problems. Mirroring the object in Revit flips the blacks to normal textures and vice versa. It has something to do with the 3D geometry, but we're not very long term Blender modelers, so we don't know what causes this.

    Now it seems that the official custom asset library simply says "nope" when trying to upload any of these models that has geometry issue like this. "An error occurred while trying to import the model file. Error message: Unable to convert source file."

    What gives, what are we doing wrong?

    I attach the GLTF, OBJ and FBX export file from Blender to this post aswell as the original Blender- file.

    I appreciate any help a lot!

  • Hello Sheik

    I had a look at your model and the problem is that for many faces the winding order is wrong. You are seeing the the inside out, which results in messy lighting artifacts. To see what I mean, in Belnder turn on Face Orientation in the 3d viewport. You should have light blue faces, dark blue faces are inside and red faces, blender cant make out if the face is inside or outside.

    It used to be that the face Normals dictated the "inside" and "outside" and thus the winding order. I tried to do that in Belnder 2.90 and was not able to switch the face's winding order... It should be possible, since many game engines have this issue, I have found especially many posts for Unity; but the described old process is not existent.

    I am sorry I can't help you further, maybe asking in the blender forum on how to change face winding order should help you further.


    Sean Farrell

  • My Blender-modeler had started to have suspicions on something like this and found out the blue-red-view. Perhaps we will be able to fix this after all.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  • Hello guys,

    First of all, as a Sketchup user, I'm unpleasantly surprised that I can't import SKP files directly into the custom asset library. This greatly reduces the usefulness of this feature for me. It's a shame. The only way is to export SKP files to OBJ and FBX. But I don't know how to do it to make it work. Yesterday, for several hours, I tried to import many OBJ and FBX files from various sources into the library without success. The program's response was only : "Unable to convert source file." What is wrong ?

  • Custom asset import error- high poly count. I was able to successfully create custom assets using Pieter's work around that were nearly a million polys, the enscape preview in the custom asset refuses to load. I realize you caution anything north of 20,000, but I did not have any performance issues and have busted that limit on every job.


  • The program's response was only : "Unable to convert source file." What is wrong ?

    Unless you show us the actual model file, little can be said about your problem. You can always reach out to our support and they will try to help you out and may react quicker than the forum will.

    Custom asset import error- high poly count. I realize you caution anything north of 20,000, but I did not have any performance issues and have busted that limit on every job.

    There should not be any hard technical limitation on the max poly count, except what your hardware can do and how low an fps you can tolerate. [The UI actions are also slowed down.] The 20,000 is an arbitrary, but reasonable limit for assets. We want to prevent customers to unwittingly downloading a super high poly espresso cup and placing it 100 times in the scene. If you can reach out to support with your problem and model we can have a look what is causing the hard issue.

  • Started having this issue. I can create one asset after opening up the project and any asset afterwards starts to have the error message pop up. Tried reinstalling enscape, renaming the FBX file, and reopening only the asset editor. Other than reopening the project nothing seems to work. I also don't seem to understand the need to save a project and then generate a asset. I understand if someone has 1,000 of assets that they would want to group them but this file system with only being able to make one asset at a time is unusable. I rather just have the ability o make proxy's like sketch-up can in rhino.