texture editing

  • One simple thing that I really miss on an almost everyday basis, is the ability to adjust the brightness of textures to BOTH darker and lighter. Right now the textures are set to 100% brightness as default, making it impossible to lighten the textures further. Especially for reflection textures this is really annoying, as this would be a very effective way ro adjust reflection strength when a map is applied. Would it be possible to start the slider in the middle, so textures can be adjusted in both directions?

  • +1

    What also would be great is a shortcut on each texture category page (color, bump, reflection and so on) to open said texture image in your standard image editing software (Photoshop, Gimp, whatever). SKP has this and I use it quite frequently.

    This would enable us to quickly adjust settings in each map, save and just hop back to Enscape.

  • Agree! This would be extremely useful! :-)

  • +1 (especially for the asset editor)

    Would love to adjust the brightness in both directions

    Would also be nice to have a saturation slider.