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  • Greetings

    What do you think about this laptop:

    LENOVO Legion Y540-15IRH-740 (Intel Core i5-9300H - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 - RAM: 8 GB - 256 GB SSD PCIe - 15.6'')

    I´just do static images max 4k and under 4k videos. I use Archicad 23. I'm going to put more RAM.

    My files never goes up then 200mgb. Is just for interior design less than 200m2

    Is it good enough for this kind of job?



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    Not a bad choice at all. Of course once you perhaps work with larger projects you may want to lower the rendering quality a bit, but in general it will be a great machine for our plugin. :thumbup:

  • I have Lenovo Legion Y540-15 i7-9750H/32GB/960/Win10X GTX1660Ti, so quite similar spec, but: 8gb of ram is too low, go for 16gb or 32gb if you have complex project files, try to find my CPU/GPU combo, processing power is important and on i5 it might be slower while importing geometry. And the biggest flaw of this laptop is that it crashes Enscape every time I have a more complex project and/or high resolution and/or Ultra quality render, depending on the project it crashes on different settings. I hope it is just my setup, and developers that are working on my support case will come up with a solution, but until then I suggest to rethink your options. I also have Lenovo Ideapad L340-15IRH 16 GB RAM/ 256 GB M.2 PCIe and it also struggles, but because the graphic card has "only" 4gb of memory, and on big projects it crashes because of low memory on GPU. So definitely don't go for cheaper GPU. Strangely enough, my old PC with Geforce 1060 3GB never had a single crash. Looks like PC's are better optimized for heavy duty workload I guess, so if you don't need portability go for PC.

  • I just saw newer laptops announced with RTX 3070 cards and maybe even 3080 cards... if AMD starts to compete with something of their own the price war may be something to look for in the near future?

    At work they wanted to give us laptops for Enscape, but had to decline as what is needed is upgrade to a 3090 with 24Gig VRAM to handle all the textures and all the buildings with multiple floors... But when I saw the laptop with a 3080 I started to be hopeful... so who knows... maybe...

  • This nVidia CES announcement for laptops with newer video cards:

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    ...may be of help...

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    I'm using Core i7 with 8GB RAM but still my Desktop PC hangs while rendering. Why?

    Why this configuration is not enough?

    You require a dedicated graphics card alongside the CPU. If you do not have a dedicated GPU built into your machine Enscape will not run.

    Please kindly have a look at our system requirements here:…base/system-requirements/