Recommended GPU - Graphics card?

  • hi

    when we order new computers, we 'automatically' gets quadro cards.

    i just wonder if this the best card / cost? they seem quite expensive - and what about performance?

    i - myself - use gtx 780ti and gtx 1070 and i find them very fine.

    we use revit and sketchup.

    what are your recommendations or thoughts?



  • We're looking to upgrade a number of machines to be able to run Enscape and Oculus but we're unsure what minimum requirement there would be for the cards. I've seen mentioned GTX 1080 mentioned a number of times but would a 1070 on a tower be sufficient enough to run Enscape smoothly with Revit/Sketchup?

    We want to be able to use the software in-house smoothly whilst editing on the go also in Revit.

    We're also looking at getting a couple of laptops to do the same things, more so VR to present to clients rather than real-time editing, we would rather not have any lag experiences in a meeting so if anyone has any suggestions again on cards for mobile use to run VR I would appreciate any feedback.


  • Hi dan_noviun I've moved your question in this already existing thread.

    I think the GTX 1070 should be working fine as well but the GTX 1080 has much more power in VR so you could use Ultra Settings in VR and it costs just about 100$ more.

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  • Is there any advantage in running dual GPU's? I currently have Dual 1080ti's in my machine for GPU rendering in V-Ray, but I'm wondering if they are both actively being used while running Enscape, or does the program only run from a single card?

    I have the same setup for Thea, but Enscape only uses a single card.

  • Hi Guys;

    I'm trying to know which graphic card will be a good choice to run Revit + Enscape + HTC Vive Glasses, do you have any specific preference? or any brand that you consider best than other, thanks in advance

  • Hi and thanks for your reply;

    Right now that's not very much important since we are planning to invest in machines with a good performance, for me is more the quality of real time rendering and the speed that really counts.

    Anyways that will be the general manager who'll take a decision but based on my advise, so for my to have a good knowledge about graphic cards which can have a really good speed and graphic optimization for Revit + Enscape + HTC vive is really very much important,

    Best regards

  • I can't comment on VR yet as my Rift hasn't arrived yet but I am using a 1070GTX which works great for all applications. They are regarded as the best bang for buck card in the range.

    Been with Nvidia for a long time now, sometimes the Geforce drivers can create small issues in Revit but there update the drivers regularly and you can downgrade the drivers if you find a release that works.

    I always refer here for info on performance vs costs

  • For VR you don't really want to compromise when it comes to your graphics card. Therefore the recommendation are the most powerful cards available and these are the Nvidia GTX1080(ti) series and if budget isn't a matter of great concern you can go for the Nvidia Titan XP.

    The GTX1070 will work alright as a budget solution - you won't be able to run higher quality settings with it though.

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  • Our company are about to buy some new workstations, we work almost only in Revit but Enscape is growing on us more and more. We're going for a processor with at least 3ghz and 32GB ram, but Im not sure about what graphics card to get. We have bought Quadro M4000 on our latest machines, but maybe it's overkill?

    We're thinking of three ways to go right now:
    Quadro P1000

    Quadro P2000

    Quadro P4000

    We would save money on P1000, but is it too weak? We're working on pretty large models sometimes, but we're not rendering anything in Revit, we only use their cloud rendering and more and more Enscape. Is P1000 enough for enscape or do you recommend at least P2000?