My wish list

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  • New here so forgive me if I'm wanting something that already exists and I just haven't yet figured it out...

    I'm definitely plus 1 for round corners to be an Enscape material option

    I'm definitely plus 1 for being able to adjust colours of Enscape asset library proxies - even if it's only to adjust individual proxy saturation or slap a filter on it - it would help. Though ultimately being able to change the colour of a car for example maybe with a randomiser - would be ideal. Randomise tree leaves so that some are dead and brown and some are green as real-life.

    Whilst on trees.... can we have some Australian native vegetation.... Eucalyptus trees, Marri, Gum, Grass Trees etc. please !

    I'm keen to be able to "layer" maps so rather than just apply one image for bump or reflection it could be a combination of files preferably able to add / subtract / multiply etc. It's a terribly limiting chore to have to photoshop these files together - try the newly combined file then dump it if it's no good, rather than fine tune a new combination within Enscape and evaluate the effect realtime.

    I'd like to be able to exclude / include things from giving or receiving shadows / light etc. or even camera visibility... much more useful than it sounds.

    I'd like to be able to keyframe individual things for animation a bit better - but to be able to keyframe the wind separate to the overall timer so that if I speed the camera movement up my trees don't shake like they're on some strange drug or I could have a speeded up day to night lighting but show with gently moving (Australian) trees for example.

    I'm sure I'll think of more.... but all in all despite coming from years of Vray and Corona etc. I'm very impressed with the package and how quickly I can get stuff done.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • My wish list:

    1. Better Reflections, especially for mirrors
    2. Some improvements in the quality of artificial lighting
    3. Material Library
    4. Rounded edges (or even better: weathered edges)
    5. Dirtmap
    6. Mesh Simplification for the Custom Asset Library

    I think that a material library is overdue. I would have expected the material library to come before the asset library.

    The mirror reflections is the most important issue that should be fixed. Trading some quality for speed is a good trade off for many people, but having objects missing or partially displayed in a mirror reflection can totally destroy a scene. At the very least I should be able to select a mirror and say that in the final render this specific mirror should display everything within 3 meters. I am willing to take a rendering speed reduction for those final renders, in order to have proper reflections.

    • Official Post

    Thank you all. Most of what you're requesting (plus the Asset wishes from CGAus) is already on our agenda, filed as individual feature requests. I'll add your upvotes and feedback to those. :) Thank you very much once more, much appreciated as always.