Simplify Mesh (Custom Asset Library)

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  • One feature that I would love to see in the new Custom Asset Library is Mesh Simplification.

    Very often purchased assets are high poly, which apparently might not work properly with Enscape. It would be great if the Custom Asset Library included a way to simplify the Mesh to bring it down to acceptable levels.

    An even more simplified mesh could be used as the placeholder geometry, instead of having just a meaningless cube, or having to manually create it.

    This is a feature of Trusmutr has.

    Meanwhile, what are some good 3rd party applications that can easily simplify the mesh of fbx and obj?

  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    I tried the "decimate" function of Blender on some trees, but I couldn't get very good results.

    Skimp seems to be for Sketchup files. I guess I can import into sketchup, then export into obj and then import into the Custom Asset Library. I have Transmutr with which I can do something similar.