Revit - VR starting at wrong eye level of the view

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  • Hello all,

    When I enable VR (Oculus) in my Revit mode, it sometimes starts at the different eye height as appose to what I set (sitting eye level). Some times it starts at almost the celing level or below desk level. Does anyone experience this happening? I'm not sure if it is a glitch that Enscape-Revit connection has or if I need to set something differently to have the stable starting position of my eye height in the Revit scene.

    Please let me know! This could help me greatly!

    Thank you!

  • Hello norooya ,

    the VR starts in the same place and mode where you where in non VR. So what ever you use as "sitting height" is irrelevant to Enscape. On top of that comes the room scale vs. sitting; sitting will always maintain the center of the VR headset where the camera was before, but in room mode the center is roughly the center of the "play area", so if you are sitting and we assume walk mode your head will be approximately at chest height of the "walking" spectator.