Displacement of Material on Corners

  • I have been experimenting with the new displacement feature in Enscape 2.9 and I am very impressed so far. One area that I am wondering about is when an object turns a corner, like a chimney for example, and the displacement map doesn't turn the corner with the object. Is this possible with Enscape 2.9? Thanks

    That may not be easy or technically possible to implement I'm afraid. I can forward it as a feature request, but at the moment you may perhaps want to assign the material to the faces individually, that could already help with achieving the results you're looking for. :) Please gladly go into the detail if it's not.

  • Ok, thank you for the response. Assigning the material the face individually still leaves the corner a sharp edge. It would be great sooner or later if the face of the corner could be displaced with the material that way you could see the mortar joints jog in and out of brick or stone materials. Just one extra layer of detail that would make displacement maps work even better. Thanks