Sketchup: Scenes and Layer visibility in Batch output un-synced

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  • So in Sketchup 2017 and 2018 ( not sure about earlier versions ) using Escape versions,, and the preview, Batch Capture is not respecting when layers are turned off and on as it goes through various Sketchup Scenes.

    It actually seems to stay on the Layer visibility combination that is active, and when it goes through the Batch (and various scenes) it stays on that active layer set.

    The Enscape render window also DOES NOT update to reflect the current batch (layer combo) it is rendering.

    When the same Scenes are rendered manualy/individually using the "Screenshot (to File)" icon/tool, the renders created are correct (layer on/off states are respected). The Enscape render window DOES update to reflect the current Scene layer state.

    This seems like a major bug. Can your team provide some direction on this? Basically can't Batch various options in Sketchup (based on layer visibilty).

    This is using a 1080ti card, latest drivers. Also tested with Quadro K6000 card.



  • The only things that the 'favorite scenes' takes to Enscape are the camera position and sunlight setting. Everything else is 'live' and will update as you change it in SU. (Including these)

    If you change scenes in SU with hidden geometry, layers, cut-planes etc. updating (and have enscape updating live) then Enscape will update to reflect these changes: this is what it was initially designed for. The 'rendering' options are really just a side-effect to capture what you are seeing while walking through the model. A highly practical, functional and brilliant tool that can output renders to rival the best dedicated render packages... but it's not designed to batch export scenes. (Yet.)

  • I'm not trying to have it export "Scenes". I'm trying to have it Export Renders (Screenshots) from the various "Scenes" in SketchUp. The various "Scenes" have different Layers that tick on and off depending on the "Scene". The BATCH output is ignoring the layer changes as it moves through the "Scenes" to output the Screenshots.

    It respects the Layer changes if I do it manually (No Batch). Defeats some what the implementation of a Batch function....

  • norbertsf Right now the renderer only knows ONE geometry (the one visible in SketchUp) and performing a batch export does not switch visibility on/off. Favorites in Enscape right now only have a camera position and sun settings.

    We have this topic on our agenda, but unfortunately it is quite complex.

  • Simon Weinberger , OUCH! That is NOT what I expected to hear.

    I hope that "feature" is able to be implemented, as one of the strengths of Sketchup is the ability to be able to use "Scenes" as a way to change camera view, layer visibility, sun settings, active section planes, AND VISIBLE LAYERS.

    Hoping this comes soon to batch!


  • Storing the layer visibility info in the manage scenes window seems like overkill. That would definitely be complicated.

    One option that might be easy is to switch to the SketchUp scene between each render when batch rendering. The render is already attached to a scene anyways. And the scene itself is already remembering the visibility data. No need to duplicate it IMO.

    This strategy might come with other technical complications though. Just an idea.