Is it possible to host locally a web standalone?

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  • Hi all,

    Enscape is better more and more, as time pass. I've just finished a Webex meet with remote customers and all they say is Wow! every time I show them new features.

    There has been a question: is it possible to host locally a web standalone publishing as we can download rendered panoramas?. There are two reasons:

    1.- One customer says not having internet access when they have their meetings with their customers. They work with hospitals and it is frecuently to have the meets in basements or diagnostics areas with null bandwith neither wifi.

    2.- Other customer says that their projects are of a strategic nature and absolutely confidential and can't host in remote servers.

    Thank you

  • Santiago_Rivera , while the ability to host them locally is a feature request on our agenda, it's not yet possible to do so I'm afraid. Your feedback and upvote to the existing topic will be added of course! :)

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    Added, thanks!

  • Demian,

    What about the ability to host on our own servers? Like Sebastian posted this falls into NDA with clients and where we can host data of their projects.

    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated as we have projects that we want to use Web Standalone with, but "on the agenda" doesn't really help and may require us to investigate solutions other than Enscape. If there is anything available for testing or review I would be interested in discussing this more.



  • I'm really sorry, but at the moment there really shouldn't be any way to acquire the Web Standalones themselves, as in, downloading them for example. I will still forward this our developers to see if there is any solution, but I'm afraid if you do not hear back from me soon then this will not be an option, for now.

  • I could see a use for self-hosted Web Standalone files...

    Campuses/facilities/hotels/etc could provide them on their sites if they also add Wayfinding sings with video textures (and sound?) so that, in theory, the standalones can be self serve Wayfinding / Virtual Tours?

    There are apps/software out there that make VR tours using either photos turned to 360VRs or use the 3D 360 VR... Add some clickable "hotspots" that transport the user to a YouTube video or to another section of the model... or trigger the camera to "walk" to a destination via a predefined "path"...


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  • We are testing remote servers for running executables outside the limited thin client corporate notebooks. Furioos is the provider, for Enscape EXE and UnrealEngine Win64 Builds. The UX depends on latency but by now we are happy.