Sketchup Section Planes dont work when nested in a group

  • Hi There,

    I have noticed when trying to create a section through a model that section planes only render in Enscape when not grouped.

    This is fine for most cases, but when in Sketchup you don't want certain objects to be affected by the section cut, you put them outside the group that the section plane is in.

    The Sketchup viewport shows this working correctly, however Enscape does not render sections at all when nested inside a group.

    I am aware there was a thread raised in 2018 with this same problem, however it has not yet been fixed/implemented and is advised to raise a new thread.

    I am hoping you can fix/ implement this feature so that section planes don't make a global cut to the model, and only affect objects in the group they are in and below in the outliner hierarchy.

    Thank you in advance!

    Ross :)

  • We'll check it out! I'll either file it as a bug report for our developers, or come back to you again with a solution, or once this has been resolved. Thank you so much!