Problems in High Resolution Screenshots?..

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  • Hello,

    İ am using the student version of enscape and planning to use it in my professional life as well. It is a very useful program with a simple design.

    The problem i am facing is that I cannot have a high resolution screenshot in my current work. When i choose window option for capture there is no problem occuring but if i change it to any value in capture options it either creates a totally black or white screenshot or a good image from another view i didnt choose in enscape. In other words it can take a screenshot in high resolution but from a view i dont't want it to be. Even if I change the view it takes exactly from the previous wrong view. In addition, in my previous attempts it was taking a screenshot from the position i want but at the same time a semi transparent wrong viewed image was overlapping the correct one.



  • thanks my issue has been fixed.