Anyway to reduce the importing time of heavy sketchup model to enscape ?

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  • Hi everyone !
    I have tried Enscape 2.2.3 and i really love the potential of it. I have a target to create standalone or video walkthrough for my clients to experience their future building. By that, i have to model everything fully, so it make the file huge (for example, a complete 2 stories townhouse is app 900mb). And the importing took too long, like 6 - 8 hours, sometimes it didnt work too.
    Can i have any suggestion on how to reduce the time importing, like seperate objects, because i have tried import enscape first, turned off live update but it still slow me down everytime i try to change something in the model. Thanks alot !

  • Sounds like an incredibly complex, slow performing townhouse. You may want to consider separating the ground floor from the first and saving each as different models. Essentially becoming two individual models and two separate walkthroughs, cutting the project size in half, or near there hopefully. To be honest, I've never heard of or seen a model this heavy, at least when compared to the volumetric size of an average double story townhouse. The largest model I've ever worked on was around 1.4gb consolidated, was never edited as a singular model and had 85 storeys at 200,000 sqfpf. Do you mean 90 mb?

    Are you modeling everything 'fully' (as in real world realistically) and that everything be accessible in one walkthrough based on client needs?

  • Hi.

    It sounds really unusual that the file size should be THAT large. I've done detailed projects well over 50.000 squaremeters, where files remained under 250 mb.

    For comparison, the model in the link below is only 140 mb (a stand alone enscape exe file is around 270 mb):

    Science Learning Center

    I think you should use proxies as much as possible... and make sure that you dont have unnessesarily large/complex models where you dont need them. Use the "purge unused" option in sketchup to get rid of unused textures and components.

  • Herbo ; If the 1.4gb model size sounded unusually large - it was! I mentioned consolidated and largest I'd ever worked on, and that includes ALL the textures and accompanying mipmaps which were tasked between 6K-8K output, rendered via Maxwell. One off feasibility study that was conducted for a recent high-powered tech venture here in Singapore. Needless to say, individually building and texturing 85 floors with a team of 24 others was a great self-feasibility study in how to lose focus quickly and know exactly where the purge_all script button lay on your workspace.

    Namrfb ; Proxies are definitely one of the top optimizations to speed up and lower overall project file size. I previously asked what kind of detail you were working towards, and if you were building as realistically as possible - like the approach a carpenter may take to building a piece of furniture. If that's the case, you're adding a lot of micro detail that you won't necessarily see, but you'd definitely feel in a very short space of time. All that detailing and texturing is increasing your polygon count, and if that's the approach you're taking - you need to be working with proxies as Herbo mentioned.

    It'll change your entire workflow for the better. If you right click on any component, there's an option to save as external model for Enscape. If you want to make any changes to the object itself without reloading the component within your model, open it in another instance of SketchUp and save it under the same name. To update the changes in your master model, you can either right click on the proxy in question and choose reload component or reload all changed components. If you don't want to reload the proxy as a component, you can left click it, go to Enscape's object creator and select the proxy tab if isn't selected already and re-link the original file with the edited proxy file.

    Talking about components, you need to use components whenever possible. My rule of thumb is if there's need for more than one instance of said object, it needs to be a component. Those components should all go into a group and not the other way around. Multiple instances of the same component are only instanced once, whereas non component groups are instanced whenever they're used. If you knew all this already, apologies in advance! It's something that is commonly misunderstood, and could potentially save you a lot of time and subsequent effort.


  • Thank you Herbo and Hans-Sen Hoefer for your replies! Your design of the center is marvelous, Herbo, i must say, you and your team are true masters!

    Yes it is the case that i am modelling into very detailed for even a carpenter could understand everypart of the furniture i put in the design. Yeah, it is not necessary for some small objects like handles, and i think i will have to simplify them.

    And yes, thanks for all the suggestions, i am trying to use the proxy feature of enscape, sorry because of the hype after getting the license just 2 days and i just imported it directly, not through any cleaning process so the file was that heavy.

    To, Hans, you are a very kind and with many helpful instructions, it reminds me of that time when i visitted Singapore for the first time, everyone was so kind, i will never forget one boy when i ask him the way on the MRT, he decided to go with me to my destination and then say bye to me by giving me a snack bag he just bought from the supermarket ! I will return to Singapore in the future for many times because of those good impressions you are giving to people !

    Love from VietNam.

  • Aw man, you're too kind. I'd show you the way to the MRT but all snack bags are MINE. :P

    Last suggestion; consider a less detailed model for the walkthrough - most people won't notice the small details unless you point it out to them, there's too many elements to process. For the extreme details, static will always work better - the feeling of having to rush through and see everything isn't there - I mean it's called a walkthrough for a reason. You could probably present the walkthrough, point out scenes that they should take note of, then follow up with static shots depending on the client and their interest. Just a few thoughts to think about!


  • Thats quite a strategy i have to stick on in the future projects. I have visited your website and it is really amazing. Kinda noob feeling i am! Hope you have good health and prosper, looking forward for a chance to eat chilly crabs together, in Clark Quay for all i known !

  • Namrfb 6-8 hours sounds really long, even for a large model. Can you say more about what part takes so long? It says "Export geometry", "Export materials" or "Export textures" under the progress bar. Or does it take long to show up in the Enscape window after the progress bar is closed?

    In most models we use for our internal testing, the textures take up most of the time. We can only access the textures if we let SketchUp write them into a file, and SketchUp needs approximately 100 milliseconds for each one. This way you end up with a few minutes very quickly. It gets worse if Enscape detects the wrong filename extension and instructs SketchUp to write a jpg file into a file named *.png. Then the image is converted to another format and this takes much more time.

    So my advice:

    • Purge the model of unused materials
    • Use proxies for high-poly content
    • Upload the model and send the link to so we can take a closer look
  • To Simon Weinberger , I have sent the email to support team through the email you provided. And i explained in the mail why i put everything as it is because it is my workflow, proxy boxes make me confused and hard to imagine the total scene. I also mentioned the problem while uploading panorama scenes to cloud, i read on another thread about this and the solutions didnt help me solve this. But it is okay, i could upload it through another site or directly to facebook.

    I export a 7 minutes video from Enscape and it is amazing ! the exporting time is short (26 hours with my 1060TI) and the clients really love it !

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    Thank you for all your support and explain!