Unknown Command : EnscapeRenderImageCommand

  • I am getting the message " Unknown Command : EnscapeRenderImageCommand " when I am trying to open the rendering dialogue in Enscape.

    Any solution?? Thankss;);)

    I'm sorry to hear of this issue, and welcome to our Forum!

    It seems as if your toolbars weren't updated during the latest Enscape update.

    To force Rhino to update your toolbars, please go to "View" -> "Display Options" -> "Toolbars" and press [Restore Defaults].

    After restarting Rhino, please reenable the Enscape Toolbars either in this menu, or by right-clicking the toolbar area, selecting "Show Toolbar" and selecting the toolbars of your choice.

    This way, all the Rhino commands should get updated, as well.

    Please let me know if you will have any other issues regarding Enscape.

  • I am having an issue where, although the Enscape toolbar is visible. When I click anything on it, Rhino says it does not recognize the command.

    Is anyone able to help me? I am using an expired trial version of Rhino (ie I cannot save) and a trial version of Enscape. Could this have something to do with it?

    Screengrab attached.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for your report and welcome to our Forum.

    Could you also kindly try the method I detailed just above in my previous reply?

    I'd appreciate that and kindly let me know if that doesn't resolve this behavior at hand. :)

  • Hi Demian,

    Thanks for the quick response. I worked out what was happening:

    I'd tried the method you detailed above without any success. I think because I was using an expired trial of rhino (which cannot save) the toolbar plug-in was unable to save the settings properly. So although it was showing the toolbar and I was able to click on it, the Rhino command line didn't recognise it.

    So I got permanent version of Rhino and it worked.

    Of course, then I realized, my computer as an intel graphics card. So in the end Enscape cannot run on it ;(.

    Is there any talk of Enscape for Rhino Mac in the future?! I know there would be a huge market for it. There's literally no plug-in renderers for it!



  • That is unfortunate to hear of course - While we consider supporting Rhino Mac in the future as well, there really is no further news nor any potential release date I could share (yet). For now we can only reccomend upgrading your existing machine, or switching to another which is capable of running Enscape.

    If any further questions come up, let me know anytime.