Unknown Command : EnscapeRenderImageCommand

  • I am getting the message " Unknown Command : EnscapeRenderImageCommand " when I am trying to open the rendering dialogue in Enscape.

    Any solution?? Thankss;);)

    I'm sorry to hear of this issue, and welcome to our Forum!

    It seems as if your toolbars weren't updated during the latest Enscape update.

    To force Rhino to update your toolbars, please go to "View" -> "Display Options" -> "Toolbars" and press [Restore Defaults].

    After restarting Rhino, please reenable the Enscape Toolbars either in this menu, or by right-clicking the toolbar area, selecting "Show Toolbar" and selecting the toolbars of your choice.

    This way, all the Rhino commands should get updated, as well.

    Please let me know if you will have any other issues regarding Enscape.