2.9 Pano Rendering

  • I've just upgraded from 2.7 to 2.9 (missed 2.8 due to not wanting to upset active projects at the time) and did a pano render as a test to compare.

    I was a bit concerned as it seemed to be a slower render so I checked that RTX was off etc and then opened both the 2.7 and 2.9 renders in Afinity Photo to compare.....

    WOW! panos now render at 16k x 8k! instead of the 8x4, thats why it was a little slower. It maybe that the change happed in 2.8 and I missed it.

    Is there a complete change log for 2.9 (and other versions for that matter)?

    Here's a quick comparison between the 16k and 8k:

  • It's pretty much just the release blog post(s), and our release / previewthreads. :) This particular increase in panorama resolution may not be mentioned because both on High and Medium quality the export resolution was "only" 8x4, which we now "fixed".

  • Nice, I'm revisiting panos and digging out threads for "new" news - and this is very welcome

    This is what we're doing with them: https://www.tours.blockcpm.studio/edengrove-rh/tour/

    Tour created with 3DVista.

    We've stuck with the 8k x 4k, the 16k is obviously better but in reality its only better when you compare it to the 8k and ony we can do that.

  • yeah I think it safe to say we in-industry are terrible pixel-sniffers and most don't/won't notice the difference - which is kinda where realtime/Enscape excels at the feels - but can trip in those scenarios where someone asks "can i take a still from that?" and then expectations blow up out proportion.

    Like, i just fired up your (lovely looking) example via a 1368x768 15bit RDC window!!! My text in this browser is crunching, so what hope did you have if I was the type to get snotty about a rendered pano's PQ!?

  • #sadface

    testing an outdoor scene of our smallest active project - and I can't get a pano output without a full-fail crash... on 8K or 4K!?

    I've been as reductive of as makes sense (no point otherwise) and cropped in boundaries as reasonable* but - yeah, keep getting this...

    PS: I am RDC remoting to the machine, if that makes any difference? i7-9700K, 65gb RAM w/ 2070 SUPER, nvidia 461.40

    *some kind of "sphere of visibility" widget/visual cue, like the DOF "flash" would be really helpful for this.

  • ooo, it was, will try again later/tomorrow! (more pressing matters to attend to right not (saving my ubisoft account from getting closed)


    okay, well since "because" insomnia gets the best of me generally (even when not in global pandemic lockdown) I just had to check.... and right you were Paul, throwing off RTX let the run complete (at 8K)

    NB; I will however wait (until a more reasonable hour to check with my project team on the public-share'abilty status of this project) before sharing a linkto:

  • Good news!

    Keep an eye on the RTX switch, I've had it turn on all by itself, I haven't found the cause yet but I'm thinking it may be opening an old model (to get a piece of furniture etc) that was originally rendered prior to RTX being available.

    I go through a process of deleting things from the model trying to get it to render before I suddenly remember to check the RTX switch and 99% of the time it being on is the cause of the crash.

  • Sorry to hear about that, it would definitely be great to receive the feedback report from you once the crash prompt comes up another time. Same from your side Paul Russam , not entirely sure if you have already when it comes RTX toggling itself on - I have not been able to reproduce this problem myself I'm afraid so it would be great to check out your logs!