Rhino loses some functions upon 2.9 asset generator launch

  • Hi all,

    It seems Rhino loses some commands while the custom asset generator is running.

    For instance: A few of the sub-commands under the properties tab disappear. (material, mapping, etc.) while an object has been selected.

    I noticed this when getting an alert that my custom asset was larger than 20K polygons and tried to see which mesh was too heavy.

    Also, oddly - the delete key on the keyboard stops working under the same conditions.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a necessary set of conditions for the asset generator code to function.

    Anyone else seeing this? I'm running Rhino 6 with 2.9+32504.


  • Thanks for your post. Alongside that, could you also send in a feedback report so that we can check if this is not caused by a problem with Enscape itself, especially since you mentioned that the delete key sometimes stops working. The log files should tell us more, to troubleshoot the cause behind this.

    Also, for context and reference purposes it would be great if you could simply include a link to this thread in the submission form of the report before sending it. Thanks!