Installation Package creation

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  • Hello,

    I need your help.
    I would like to support my IT-Team for installation the Software by "Software Center"

    How can I add my Configuration?

    how can I add the Pictures /Ico or where should I copy these files

    in one of the previous versions I could just copy the folder settings, but now it seams to be very different.

    and I found the possibility to log in as a user in the interface -but I cant find something in the Admin-Login where to add users.

    • Official Post

    Thanks for your post. In previous releases before we implemented the ability to save settings into the project itself, all the configurations were only found in the documents. But, since it's now possible to also save settings and such into the project itself, and into any directory you like, those settings will not be found in the documents folder anymore, depending on the user of course.

    So in that sense there could for example be a dedicated folder, perhaps located on a network drive, where users can save their settings. Then, they can easily import them whenever needed.

    In that regard summed up: Some settings are saved in the project, some other settings are saved somewhere else on the hard-drive and have to be imported. Let me know in case this system is not ideal for you or in case you want to share any further feedback.

  • Thanks your for reply Demian,

    sure, I have the understanding, that lots of settings are stored in a project.


    • how do you support the company Logo to be deployed?
    • How do you support the company Start-Screen to be deployed?
    • How do you support me in a company to create a "company basic look" for users to start from.

    Did you never thought about, that this could be a demand?

    storing the settings in a project is fine, when changing from default, but the default settings should be maintained and deployed by IT.

    this is my request, I hope your IT-Team can create a good "company"-deployment experience as same as the already very well single user experience

    BR and stay healthy
    Heinrich Boldt