Panorama on iphone

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  • Hi!

    I'm having issues with viewing a panorama on an iphone.. I receive an error and the page will not load. i only get the message: Er heeft zich herhaaldelijk een probleem voorgedaan op ''.

    When opening on PC the link works, and on a samsung its also able to open it! I'm able to open it 1 time on the iphone when i just reboot the iphone...

    Anyone got a sollution for this?!

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    samb welcome to our Forum, I'm sorry to hear about that!

    Which browser are you using (probably Safari?), and is your iPhone also up to date? Does it help if you use either Chrome or Firefox on your iPhone to load the panorama? Just for testing/troubleshooting purposes this would be good to know. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Demian Gutberlet

    Currently using safari indeed. Iphone has the newest ios and i get the same results on chrome.. Chrome suggested to use the incognito mode, but even then no result.

    see attachment for the error.

    I'm sorry to hear that and thanks for getting back to me.

    What iPhone are you using exactly, and can you also try to export the Web Standalone once more, making sure you're using Enscape 2.9? Also, are you perhaps connected to a different network compared to the PC / Android device?

    Furthermore, can you try the following panorama I just exported on the iPhone too:…b0-4e03-b5c1-4f2eafef496d

    Does that one work on your Apple device?

    Thanks again in advance! I appreciate your cooperation.

  • I can open this one! it only with the panorama's i made myself... i'm using the most recent enscape version: 2.9.0+32212

    Is the panorama to detailed? are you able to open in on an ios-device? im currently using ios 14.2 on an iphone 11 pro.

    Also i tried it on my mobile network, at the office network and at home.

    *Edit: The panorama's are made in sketchup btw... maybe this has something to do with it?*

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    samb , just had the chance to try it on an iPhone as well, also up to date now - with 2.9 we've increased the resolution of our panoramas when you set the quality to "High" in the Visual Settings. Those panoramas seem to not work on iPhones indeed, in the meantime you may want to set the quality to "Medium" instead. You shouldn't see too much of a difference, if at all, since it's viewed on a smaller screen! :)

    So, thanks a lot, good catch! We're grateful for your speedy responses and all the feedback and cooperation. I will forward this to our dedicated web development department for further troubleshooting.

    Once this has been resolved, or once I have any further news I'll get back to you. I hope that re-exporting some of your panoramas in the meantime won't be a problem if you want to view them on your iPhone.

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    samb , our developers are aware of this behavior - there is no solution to this yet besides rendering the panoramas in "Normal" which should be sufficient for most smartphones. There will be an update in the future to also allow the display for "High" quality panoramas, but just not yet. :)