Import Video Texture Not Supported

  • I recently downloaded the 2.9 Release in hopes to use some of the new features. However, I am trying to import a video texture file for an Enscape material in both Sketchup and Rhino. Every time I get an error message saying it “Could not load file, the given format is not supported.” See image attached. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Enscape and still receive the same error message.

    Has anyone had this issue or know how to resolve?

    Enscape Stats/ Issue

    1. Import Video Texture
    2. Enscape Version 2.9.0+32504
    3. Issues with Sketchup and Rhino
    4. Open host application, create native new material, open enscape material editor, select material to edit, attempt to add video texture.
    5. Image of error below.

  • @tzemb , welcome to our forum! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about this problem - can you please let me know about a bit more about the video file? What is the file extension, where did you get it from, how large is it, what's the resolution and if you know it, the FPS itself?

    If it's an .avi file, it may be worth considering converting that file into .mp4 for example, as .avi can include quite a few different codecs which are not (yet) supported.

    In any case, you can also gladly send me the video file itself for troubleshooting purposes. If that is possible, I can gladly provide you an upload link.