VR walkthrough with predestined path?..

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    After having issue's with elderly users with the HTC Vive controllers there was a request about using the HTC vive only that the clients dont use the controllers to move but to let the program walk a path where you can just watch without having to stand and control. Now my question is if there is a possibility to make a 360 video in SKetchup wich can be played on the HTC Vive.



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    That is not yet possible - but, as an alternative they may instead use an Xbox controller (not the HTC Vive controllers). Also, sometimes having a pre-defined path or watching a 360 degree video while moving can lead to nausea, especially in people who haven't really used VR much or at all before.

    The alternative would be having multiple panoramas created - perhaps one for each room or such. Although I am not sure what the project looks like of course and if that would be suitable. :)