Visual field of the cammera does not match between Sketchup and enscape

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  • Hi, is there any way to make the cammeras of the Enscape use the visual field of the cammeras i created in sketchup?

    When i make render of 1 image there´s no problem, but if i make a video or a images sequence, the apperture of the lens does not match with the original sketchup cammera.

  • Have a look at the other forum posts. Something with Su treating FOV horizontally and Enscape vertically. Especially in batch render you will run into problems. Best to create the scenes with create view in the enscape tool bar from the enscape preview. I tried to briefly syncronize views to figure out what FOV sketchUp translates Enscape scenes to, then update SketchUp scenes with exact that value and it seems to help. Otherwise your only choice is to export one image at the time as you write. There a other posts on aspect ratio etc.

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